July 10, 2008

Song Summoner

Square-Enix has continued their foray into the tactical realm with two - relatively - new releases: Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Song Summoner.

Song Summoner is breaking some new ground for them moving further into the mobile realm - it's an iPod game. Being on the iPod, they make use of a technique that's similar to Monster Rancher's CD-based monster creation: your squad members, "Tune Troopers", are created through the selection of songs from your music collection and I assume the stats are based on song data and metadata.

Of course, I've never managed to finish a tactical game. The battles take quite a while, and they're usually varying degrees of punishing if you're careful.

Besides, I have to think of how to keep people used to video games and the internet interested in a tabletop RPG. Think about it - it can be pretty tough.