July 11, 2008

Keep on the Shadowfell, Character Creation

Ok, that was the first time I've missed a post, but be honest: a lot of my posts aren't worth the bits they take up.

Last night was the character creation session for my D&D game that's going to start with Keep on the Shadowfell (H1). Here's the party we have:

  • Levcis, Tiefling Warlord - This is the most adventurous character we have, as he's actually possessed on occasion by two Demons
  • Digron, Dwarven Cleric of Pelor
  • Raistlin (I may have to get this changed, but it's kind of funny), Human Wizard
  • Balasar, Dragonborn Fighter (with Expanded Lightning Breath!)
  • Cassandra, Elf Rogue (motto: "Take Him!" *points at ally next to her*)
  • Sil, Half-Elf Star Pact Warlock (he took the wizard's Ray of Frost for an encounter power)
It was hastily done, and I'd like to thank Sil's player for quickly picking up things and thus being of great aid. It's sad to think that Sil and Cassandra won't be with us for too long (they're both interns and thus will be gone half-way through August), but who knows, they could be back in a year or two.

I left them with as close to cliffhanger as I can, leading them right into the ambush that makes up the first encounter. I plan on rolling back the clock just a little bit so we can get a bit of roleplaying out of them as no one should expect the Spanish Inquisition.

I can already see some corrections and additions I need to make to some of the character sheets, but that's ok because even I was overwhelmed. Someone really needs to come up with a step by step way to fill out character sheets, or at least make such a way more prominent. Also, and I don't know if this is normal or not, but I'm assuming that classes that use implements have non-magical, non-enhancing implements that they use to channel some or all of their powers through.