July 12, 2008

Where Does the Good Go?

Wow...I did it again. That's what I get for transcribing character sheets all night.

I've apparently created some sort of monster with this D&D thing. Let me tell you why I say this.

A character that was just a plot hook to get the party into the right general area (their mentor in the ways of excavating and dungeon-diving), has gone from being the man who raised several of them into a mysteriously ancient figure. This is due at least in part to the fact that he rescued the dwarf (who's 161) as an infant and yet is somehow still alive.

Our elf and our half-elf took my suggestion that they could be half-siblings, and I think they both hate their father for leaving their families behind.

We also have at least two non-sibling sibling rivalries going over the attentions of the mentor.

It's really nutty.