April 11, 2008

On the Road Again

So I'm traveling to my parents' house this afternoon for most of the weekend. It's my Dad's birthday Saturday - he's turning 53. But I have a ~3 hour drive ahead of me, so I thought I'd share how I'm going to spend my time: listening to podcasts (and music) from my iPod.

  • Fear the Boot - A look into the world of RPGs, and a little bit more, from a group of guys centered around St. Louis, MO. Just last month they actually ran a fan convention I think I would've enjoyed being at if I would've known anyone.
  • This American Life - Produced by Chicago Public Radio, this show provides a look at American life through a particular theme.
  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! - NPR's news quiz/humor show. Always an irreverent look at the last week's news.
  • TWiT and related shows - My weekly looks at technology, partly from people I grew to like on the now-defunct TechTV. Of the shows offered from that group of people are: This Week In Tech, Macbreak Weekly (more for the hilarity of the hosts than for the news), This Week In Media, Macbreak Tech, and The VFX Show