April 11, 2008

"He that believeth in me...

though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die."

The question is, who were Battlestar Galactica's writers intending to nail with that quote from John 11? Starbuck, returned from the dead? Baltar, spared a gruesome death at the hands of Connor for being a Cylon collaborator? Jeanne's son's return from the brink? It obviously applies to all the Cylons, being that a) they all believe in one true god (smatterings of Christianity in an otherwise polytheistic universe) and b) they can never die, short of the others deciding that they need to be "boxed".

Jacob at TWoP (see the link to the right, I'd rather link the RSS directly so you don't see the ads or the garish page designs, but it looks like they might have gotten rid of it) also draws an interesting picture of the most evident members of Baltar's new Manson Family: they form a standard witches coven. Tracey is the Maiden (though I guess not, technically, now), Jeanne is the Mother (obviously), and Paula is the Crone.