April 10, 2008

On Brief Scares

My manager at work has a good way with spooking me when we wants to talk about, well, anything.

If it's something that can be discussed publicly, like the projects I'm working on, he has a very quiet way of just walking into my cube. Luckily, this doesn't scare me as much as it could, due to my conveniently placed rear-view mirror. Sometimes he even does this as the start to a more private discussion (i.e., those dealing with performance and salary).

When it is something private, it's quite a bit scarier. He either walks into your cube or phones you and asks if you have a moment to talk in one of the conference rooms. At that point, you know your in for something bad or something good, not likely anything between. Lucky for me, it's all been good - including today. Even if I'm not supposed to talk about it yet.