April 10, 2008

Failures to Communicate

That works on so many levels. I'm working on this particular post 0500 local time, but it probably won't be posted until later on in the day, if then (I hope I have internet at home by the time I get off work if not by lunch)(edit: lunch it was).

Anyways, some pretty big storms passed through our area throughout yesterday evening and today - I saw where the storms are supposed to pick back up around 6 or 7 this morning (edit: they did, but they weren't as bad) - and managed to knock out my cable, which took my internet with it. In and of itself, it wouldn't be much to talk about, but where I work we're on-call for the applications we develop whenever they run (with some rotation depending on frequency of abends/number of supporting developers). I happen to have a pretty big job that runs at 0230 to get some numbers crunched on the previous day. Guess what? I got a call this morning at 0340.

Due to communication failures on mine and the computer room guy's end, I gave him incorrect instructions to restart the job, which resulted in getting another call about 20 minutes later. Due my other communications failure (re: cable internet), I had to drive into the office to diagnose the issue. All in all, not a fun way to start your morning. (edit: I even managed to cause more trouble for myself by driving into work and had to fix it when I went back for real.)