April 28, 2008


It's a little late for a morning post, but this is it. Due to a confluence of events it managed to take this long. Mainly due to getting caught up in completing some hunts (FFXII, because the only way to get access to the Bubble, Reverse, Bravery, and Faith spells is to have killed at least 14 or so marks) while the dishwasher was using up all my hot water.

While I've been spending time on FFXII, I've been listening to Pandora Radio. It's an interesting idea: take the "genome" of music you like - melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, etc. - and try to match that to other music. Personally, I find its efforts on that front a little vague, but I have been enjoying the "Alternative Pop/Rock" genre station.

In somewhat sad, but still good news, one of my co-workers is leaving us. I have to say that it sounds like quite the learning experience, even though I've never put much, if any, stock in certifications. It's too easy to have a lot of knowledge and no experience - though I know Brian won't fall into that category/trap. I suppose they are good for giving clients a warm, fuzzy feeling, though.


Brian Sullivan said...

Given that the certs were not required for the job (nor even mentioned in the Dice posting), I'm fairly sure it's for the customers' peace of mind.

I'm gonna miss all you guys! Keep up the good work on the blog, and I'll keep commenting. I wish I could even come close to your posting rate! :-P

Sam said...

My posting rate is solely self-inflicted, and is only kept up by a lack of restriction on what I post about. In fact, in the hopes of keeping it going a bit, I wrote down some potential topic ideas for when I don't have something to talk about from my day or current events.