April 27, 2008


No, not the X-Men character or the chess tactics. I'm talking about part of the combat system from Final Fantasy XII.

See, the game lets you, basically, program the combat schemes you want to use. For the most part, this is useful in automating the "random" combats - it's not random combat in the usual FF sense; it's more like an MMO - and automating the rote portions of boss-combat. It also allows you, in one specific case, to automate leveling.

There's just one little thing that pisses me off. The game restricts what gambit conditions you have access to based on where you are in the game. In particular, it doesn't give you access to any of the "Self" gambits except for "Self" (with no condition attached) until you're quite a good ways into the game. Which means every time I run myself out of MP using a quickening? I have to manually charge back up.