April 27, 2008


Parrot post: It should be no surprise to everyone, but Nintendo had a really good year. Beyond just the financials too: looks like the Wii has an attach rate of about 7.48 games per system. That means that what people have been saying is wrong - people are buying games for their Wiis.

That should definitely attract developers, if only they'd stop with the minigame games. I'm all for party games, but to be really good it needs to be something different. So if you aren't going to be different, stop that minigame game and make something else.


Brian Sullivan said...

Amen. More games like Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess, please.

Sam said...

I wouldn't mind seeing a real non-action RPG on there, too. Closest that I'm aware of is Radiant Dawn, which is a Fire Emblem game so it's more of a tactical game.