April 26, 2008

The Fourth Wall (Commonality Answered)

What do the songs have in common? They all break the fourth wall in some sense - they don't just tell a story or express some feeling, they actually talk to the audience.

  • "The Hook" by Blues Traveler - Possibly debatable, but the song goes on at length about how to get people to listen to something that has no real content - while following those rules itself.
  • "Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)" by Sting - The eleventh song on the aptly titled Ten Summoner's Tales, this song's words speak to what came before on the album. Namely that they were just that - "tales" - and that they bear no relationship to the singer.
  • "We're So Starving" by Panic at the Disco - The first song on Pretty. Odd. (and also the shortest), this could really be written off as just an introductory song. Panic takes some time out to say "We're so sorry we've been gone. We were busy writing songs for you!" and to reassure the fans that "you don't have to worry 'cause we're still the same band." Of course, it seems like some the fans don't believe them.
  • "Thriller" by Fall Out Boy - The opening track from Infinity On High, the song is mostly story about their rise to fame, so it's inclusion is admittedly debatable. However they do take the time to say to their hardcore/"true" fans that those fans are the only ones they really care about because, "crowds are won and lost and won again/but our hearts beat for the diehards."