April 28, 2008


AKA, Jonathan Coulton, mentioned way back in one of my first posts, is a singer/songwriter, mostly of humorous music. He's most famous among my co-workers for "Code Monkey", but he's also semi-famous for the song mentioned in that earlier post, "Still Alive". He's got some seriously hilarious stuff, though. He's a pretty good live singer too, which makes sense given that he used to be a Whiffenpoof (you'll forgive them the girly name, I hope).

"RE: Your Brains" is all about a group of zombies trying to convince holdouts in a shopping mall to let them in. It's really funny with audience participation.

"First of May" is a song some might consider close to some of Tenacious D's stuff (it's not rock, but it's definitely vulgar).

"Ikea" is a song about, you guessed it, Ikea. It's also a song that uses the not-quite-rhyme of "Norsemen" with "[Di]vorced men".

Interesting fact: most of his music is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. This means that your welcome to give your friends copies of (most of) the songs, remix them, rerecord them in another language, etc. Provided, of course, that you don't make any money from them.