April 29, 2008

Engineering Heads

What is it about the head of engineering on space shows/TV in general that makes them well liked? Hell, even just gadget guys are pretty well liked. For example:

  • Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, Head of Engineering, USS Enterprise 1701 ("No bloody 'A', 'B', 'C', or 'D'")
  • Geordie La Forge, Head of Engineering, USS Enterprise 1701-D
  • Miles O'Brien, Chief of Operations, Deep Space 9
  • Galen Tyrol, (not gonna guess this one), Battlestar Galactica - though I guess he's not the "Chief" anymore
  • Q, Gadget Guy?, MI6 (James Bond movies)
  • Professor Albert Wickwire, Not-Quite-Mad Genius, Wild West (The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.)


Brian Sullivan said...

I think each one of those (the ones I know) were likable for different reasons. Scotty was generally pretty amicable and it was funny to see him get agitated, Geordi was energetic and optimistic, etc. I wonder if it reflects on how writers think of techies.