June 9, 2008


Well, I finished The Wastelands, and have started Wizard and Glass. I cry your pardon, gunslinger: we don't need something he can't solve, we need something he refuses to solve - aka, Eddie pulled a Kirk on Blaine. I kind of like Oy, if only as faithful companion and minor comic relief.

In other news, I'll probably be watching the TWiTLive (starts at 11:30 CDT) meta-coverage of today's WWDC keynote. As Leo said yesterday, "We'll refresh Engadget so you don't have to."

Since I have a first-gen iPhone and probably won't be looking to replace for a little while, I'm mostly interested in when they'll unveil the app store. 3G doesn't entice me that much unless I can tether the phone without jail-breaking it. GPS is the only thing that's really tempting, but I think Apple's more likely to produce a GPS add-on due to self-inflicted size limitations.