June 9, 2008

iPhone? schmi-Phone

If you've seen any news at all today, odds are it was news of Steve Job's keynote at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference (see immediately prior post). Really, it was just an announcement of the expected: a new 3G iPhone with GPS, along with some expanded coverage of the upcoming App store (and the iPhone 2.0 software, available on all models later this year).

It's interesting, but it'll be a while for me before I get a new iPhone, seeing that I have the current model already. The most interesting thing to me, so far, is that Apple and AT&T are willing to let a whole month go by without and iPhone sales. Right now, neither company is selling the older model (in fact, it appears that they purposely let stock run out about a week or two ago).

In other news, if you don't plan on playing the Keep on the Shadowfell (H1) module for D&D 4E - and if you plan on playing with me, you will be - that "actual play" with the 7-year old now has an entry up to the encounter with Irontooth.


Anonymous said...

What surprised me the most was the price. $199 and $299 are a lot easier to swallow than the original prices of the first model. Know what I'm asking for for Christmas! :D