June 17, 2008

Things Are Happening

M. Night Shyamalan started off promising. The Sixth Sense, though easily spoilable, had a fairly surprising twist even if it doesn't have a whole lot else going for it. Unbreakable is a startling look at what could be the source of our hero mythology and point towards the possibility of mediocre heroes for mediocre times. Signs was misunderstood by some people. It's not an alien invasion story, it's all about a man regaining his faith, not just in God but in life and wonder around us.

After that, things seem to go downhill. I didn't think The Village was that bad for the story it was telling, but it really wasn't what people were expecting. I never saw Lady in the Water, but making yourself - even if it's not "yourself" - a focal point of your story as an agent of change for the better (as a key figure in the future) is a difficult road to walk in a story.

With that said, here's a hilarious, spoiler-filled review of The Happening. I know the original title was a little spoiler-ish, but who came up with that name?