June 16, 2008


It spawns everywhere - I'm guilty of it and have to admit it's a hard habit to break - and divides us. What's worse is that it spawns in places where it really doesn't matter or that it hurts.

Educational elitism pushes away the people who need education the most.

Workplace (or professional) elitism can alienate people who don't deserve the scorn just because they end their work-day before you do or put in less time outside of the office.

One of sillier pieces of elitism that I've seen has to do with women: "working women" vs. "stay-at-home-moms". Either option is a choice under normal circumstances, and I don't think either should be looked down upon.

The silliest elitism out there, in my opinion, has to do with hobbies or how people spend their "free" time: readers, writers, and musicians who scorn those who don't read/listen to the "classics" or who read/don't read certain authors, the "indie" movement in various fields where those who become popular (and those who like those who become popular) are seen as inherently lesser, and others.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the music stuff in particular kind of annoys me. Those who participate have to constantly struggle to make sure they're fans of the "right" bands.

I think most elitism (and really most interpersonal problems in general) are caused by a lack of self-esteem.