June 15, 2008

Name that Song

Answers will be posted as tomorrow morning's post. Artist and Title; No google please.

  1. How cruel is the golden rule
    When the lies we lived are only golden plated
  2. Now please a don’t bother knockin'
    cause God knows I ain’t now stopping till you breathe none
  3. The first star I see may not be a star
    We can't do a thing but wait
    So let's wait for one more
  4. What's the use of autonomy
    when a button does it all?
  5. And perhaps the piano knows
    The piano knows something I don’t know.
  6. Feel the building all around me
    Like a wrap of armoured skin
    But the more we are protected
    The more we're trapped within
  7. When you just cannot remember
    how you came by the memories that you have
    These are days that go on too long,
    these are days that you really don't want to last


Brian Sullivan said...

Man, I don't know a single one of those...

Sam said...

There's one of those you'll probably be kicking yourself over come tomorrow then.