June 15, 2008

"Artificial" Suspense

Ok, time to get a little annoyance off my chest from yesterday.

I was reading Wolves of the Calla (Dark Tower V for those who don't know), and one mystery left throughout the book is what the "wolves" are. At about the half-way point in the novel, the main characters of the series come into this piece of knowledge but it remains unconfirmed/unrevealed until almost the very end. Thing is, we're used to getting at least a bit of inside scoop from the character's thoughts and conversations, but all the conversations and thoughts regarding the nature of the Wolves are cut short, giving us only small clues. I think I had the right answer at some early point, but the book made my doubt my own thoughts.

I suppose, though, that this was in keeping with a fairly major theme in the book: trust and betrayal. A ka-tet may be broken by these, just as a town may be.