April 3, 2008

Time not important. Only life important.

Fake internet points for anyone who guesses the movie that goes with the title without Google or IMDB. Not that anyone reads this anyway. Well, maybe one person. It's my first Blu-Ray title, not particularly spectacular of a choice, but it's one I enjoy.

So I was stupid when I mentioned the need for an HDMI cable below. As much as I hate to admit it, Sony made an amazingly good choice in supplying a standard HDMI port on the back of the thing. So, I yanked the one out of my upscaling DVD player and plugged it into the HDMI switch (which I still had to buy). It looks great.

Except for on for Persona 3, which seems strange no matter what PS2 options I use on the thing. The black doesn't look black and full screen just stretches out the image. At least it works though. I imagine the same might happen to other games, depending on what exactly I plan on playing (for example, FFXII has a widescreen mode).


Anonymous said...

Fifth Element. One of my favorite movies. Good pickup.