April 4, 2008

Literally Speaking

I got intrigued the other day with idea of making an addin for Visual Studio. So I did. A fairly small and simple one, but still, an addin nonetheless.

"What did you add to Visual Studio?," you ask. The ability to copy, without their formatting, and paste, adding formatting, string literals in both C# and VB files. It was pretty simple, and I started from JT Leigh's Copy Source as HTML addin, which copies text from VS and adds in HTML formatting so that, when pasted into a web page, it looks like it did in the IDE.

The addin was also my first real venture into C#, though honestly it's not that different from VB and C++ on the surface. I haven't had a chance to dig into some of the differentiating characteristics. I know of some of them, but haven't actually needed to use them.


Brian Sullivan said...

Well, don't tease us, man, share the wealth. Throw it up on Google Code or Codeplex or something.

Sam said...

Heh. Not quite yet, I've got some tweaking and redesign I want to do. Right now it's pretty much interface-less (except for the actual menu/context menu commands), and I want to add a dialog with some settings regarding how much formatting is kept from the literal, in both directions.

Think of it as a learning project for me, that I'd rather not publish code for until it's a little more fleshed out.