August 3, 2008

Massively Effective

Haven't finished it yet (and will probably play through a few more times), but it's pretty good so far (I've finished the first 3 planets you're sent to, to say without spoiling).

I feel really lucky: I got the Asari and Quarian Ally Achievements this go round. Rock! The asari one should be nice for my upcoming Adept + Assault Rifle, plus all the XP bonuses I'm getting from this first run-through should make it faster.

Soldier = Very Easy, even on easy (I suck at FPS's) - incredibly survivable and very potent with weapons. I'm impressed by how much damage you can put out with a sniper rifle. Not high DPS, but if it has to die in one shot, that's the way to go. The one thing that really sucks: Shredder/Tungsten ammo doesn't come in varieties higher than VII.