July 22, 2008

Keep on the Shadowfell, Part 3

We join our intrepid heroes after a restful night in the inn. Pondering the cryptic message given by their mentor but more driven by the strange mirror that Agrid and his crew were crating up, they went to visit Valthrun in his tower.

Not a very tall building, but tall in the scale of Winterhaven and its environs, the tower stands five stories tall. The group climbed the staircase up to the fourth floor before finally getting an answer - for future reference, the sage only occupies the top two floors of the tower - from Valthrun. After much study among his library, he finds the runes that match the mirror: they are the signature runes of one of the great wizards of Nerath, the ancient human empire that used to rule these lands. He offers to take the mirror off of the adventurers hands - Valthrun's a bit of a collector of lore and artifacts - but, being a rush, they left the mirror with him for the time being, under the assumption of a deal to be made later.

With nothing else particular to do and a desire to gain a name in the region, our heroes - minus Digron, whom the party assumes has been called away by Pelor to spread his word - take off in the direction of the kobold lair.

Upon reaching a clearing, Cassandra noticed a group of kobolds just on the other side of the tree line near a waterfall. Raistlin made several attempts to distract by magically projecting his voice, but these attempts were only met with moderate success.

From their vantage point behind the trees the party decided to mount a surprise attack on the band of kobolds, who appeared to be guarding something (the mouth of the cave in this case). The surprise was imminently successful as a combination of attacks from Balasar (Lightning Breath!, aided by furious attacks from Levcis) and Raistlin took out most of the kobold party and the follow-ups from Cassandra and Sil wiped out the rest of the forward guard. The attack did not, however, succeed in preventing warning from reaching the cave, as a kobold (who had failed to either set Balasar on fire or glue him to the ground on two subsequent attacks) fled inwards shouting, "Irontooth must be warned!"

The party rested briefly before venturing forth into the waterfall hideout. Levcis and Balasar split up, which had the unfortunate side effect of Levcis being overwhelmed and flanked by kobolds who dropped him but didn't finish the job. Balasar persevered through this onslaught despite being briefly stuck to the floor by the kobold who had fled the previous fight and through accurate placement of his fiery sphere, Raistlin took out many of the small creatures.

Cassandra and Sil helped Balasar with his batch of kobolds while Raistlin took out most of the ones who'd slaughtered Levcis. Then, through a miraculous recovery, Levcis managed to get up off the ground. Short thereafter a bellowing roar came from the back of the cavern and several more kobolds and a goblin - Irontooth - emerged from the shadows.

Wielding two battleaxes, Irontooth made for a monstrous opponent, but the party was smart and managed to avoid the brunt of his attacks. Taking shots where available, maneuvering Raistlin's fiery orb into a flanking position, and using hit and run tactics all got the goblin to the point where he was seriously injured. Cassandra struck the final killing blow with her longbow, but not before he knocked Balasar and Levcis unconscious. As he died, the goblin cried out, "Kalarel and Lord Orcus, prepare my way!" Some quick first aid from Sil and Raistlin kept them from perishing.

We leave our party as they rest and search through the place to see what they could find.