July 15, 2008

Keep on the Shadowfell, Part 1

Even though it was skirted by, our intrepid heroes came across a dragonborn soldier with no memory other than his name: Balasar.

Then came an encounter with a band of kobolds, who were largely annihilated by the dragonborn's lightning breath (to the shock of both Balasar and some of the other party members - they knew this was possible, but had never seen it before), and scorching blast of fire from Raistlin kept him in the fray.

In an attempt to disable a foe who had snuck her blade under his ally's armor, one of the sneakier kobolds rooted Cassandra to the place she stood. This could stop the comparatively young elf, however, and once her nearby foes were vanquished - with the aid of a dizzying attack from Digron, as well as some healing - she switched to the longbow that childhood with her people had taught her to use. That same kobold, continuing to lurk around the edges of the combat, set Sil on fire before attempting to flee.

Not to be daunted by a lowly fleeing kobold, Balasar, Levcis, and Sil followed in hot pursuit. Levcis struck the final blow with sword, but remained dazed for several minutes. The party decide to strip the kobolds bare and the resulting haul brought them great fortune.

Now in the village of Winterhaven, our heroes have found what comparatively little word they could of Douven Staul, their mentor. Of course, this doesn't amount to much - merely a map to where the burial site he was investigating should be, according to the amateur historian of the village, Eilian the Old. They've also been hired by the town leader, Lord Padraig (descendant of the Lords of the village from back when this was still part of an ancient human empire), to dispatch the kobold menace for which they shall be rewarded greatly. As greatly as such a meager village can afford, at least.

For the time being, however, Balasar is going to search the walled village and surrounding farms for clues to his past. Meanwhile the rest of the party prepares to venture forth, but towards what goal?