July 21, 2008

I won't feel a thing

Well, as of last night, Dr. Horrible is now completely off the net, save for iTunes. Until the DVD and soundtrack anyways.

The ending was a little cliched (for Joss anyways), but it was truly the start of a tragic villain. Not unlike the start Brandin's reign of terror over Tigana.

For me the most tragic part is, if you pay attention, you can tell that if Dr. Horrible had just stayed "Billy-Buddy" he could've gotten the girl. But that raises the question: who is Billy if not Dr. Horrible? We don't really see enough of his non-horrible activities to get much of an idea. Does he have a day job? If not, does he fund himself entirely through horrible schemes?

The world may never know. Or the commentary may reveal all. Just tell us when, oh great Whedon!