June 25, 2008

Potential Energy (and other Phenomena)

I had thought today, regarding an older post. I realize that what I called "potential energy" is probably just another word for restlessness, but that's not what the thought was about. I was thinking, going with the potential energy analogy and imagining myself as a spring that's been compressed into that state.

What happens to a spring press it down hard enough for longer than "normal"? Although I'd say it tends to stay a little more compressed from then on, in more general terms it deforms. I have to wonder what not being able to resolve those energy states is doing to my mental landscape.

Along similar terms, I have to wonder if the knowledge I've gained, and continue to gain, due to my semi-encyclopedic memory has given me any handicaps. If anything, maybe it's contributed to my lack of memory regarding other things. I can't remember what I told my counselor last except in vague terms. I occasionally get distracted in the shower (probably by thoughts like these) and lose track of where I am in my routine. It's just weird is what it is.