June 12, 2008

The Crackpots and These Women

No, it's not Big Block of Cheese Day, I just thought I'd point some kinda funny things.

Those of you who follow MMOs at all probably know that Age of Conan dropped a few weeks ago. If you can't tell from the requirement of an age once you pick your country of residence, it's actually one of the first [M]ature-rated MMORPGs. This means two things: blood and breasts - that's right, if you remove the chest armor from a female character, you see naked, digital breasts with nipples. In fact, if you go into the "advanced" character design, there's sliders for pretty much everything (too many sliders, in my opinion).

That's somewhat to the side of the point, except to say that apparently some of the female character models had an unintentional breast reduction. Oh, and apparently Funcom (creators of Anarchy Online, one of the worst MMO launches in history) screwed something up such that, if you're playing a female character or possibly if your first character is female, your attack speed is slowed. In the heavily PVP-oriented world of AoC, this can be a very bad thing.