May 11, 2008

Fast Weekend

This has been my busiest weekend in a long time. The shortest thing I can say is that I finished FFXII just about an hour ago.

I did actually achieve everything I posted about last night. Iron Man on Friday was good and is promising for the future.

The Ren Faire in Muskogee was fun, though tiring. It's really too bad that there's almost no good seating for the human chess match. It seems like no matter where you sit, you're going to have some trouble hearing/seeing what's going on.

Rock Band was pretty fun last night, too. I think I'd have a bit more fun with it if someone else would step up to the mic. Kudos to Travis and Deidra for stepping up, even if it wasn't for very many songs.

Even though they may not be clear, we played Munchkin after a few people had left. There are pictures, though some of them may not be big enough to show what happened. (I'm surprised, given my history of losing games, that I managed to win).


beth said...

what about me? i stepped up, too. just as much as deidra at any rate. you need to figure out how to set it up without the mic...or get some alcohol involved...or make sure jason h. shows up. ;-)