April 14, 2008

Why, oh why, EVE?

Slashdot is reporting on the latest scandal to rock the world of Space MMORPG EVE Online: the source code has been leaked via torrent. (Note: I don't recommend you go searching for it, especially if you play EVE - CCP is watching the torrents and banning IP addresses that match customers). This is far from the first such issue that CCP has had to deal with. It's gotten to the point that they've instituted something similar to an Internal Affairs division, though it's doubtful that's done anything yet.

The big question now is whether CCP is actually seeding some of this code. If so, I can see them technically being in the right regarding banning downloading players - though being complete bastards about it - but the more interesting area of legality would be whether CCP could pursue anyone downloading it on IP-infringement/copyright charges. IANAL, but I think it could put a serious damper on any efforts to do so - also, shame on them if they try.