April 30, 2008

TV Pregnancy

TV Pregnancies are an interesting beast. Sometimes they're just that, a fake pregnancy. Other times, like what I've just watched of Deep Space Nine, they're used as cover for an actor's real pregnancy.

In the case I'm observing now, though, they're really stretching believability: O'Brien's wife Keiko was involved in an accident aboard a runabout, and in order to save both her and her baby, Bashir had to "transplant" the baby into Major Kira, a Bajoran. Admittedly, Farscape did this in the "Peacekeeper Wars" miniseries even more implausibly (in that case, the child accidentally winds up in Rygel - a male Hynerian, who's also a puppet), but I chalk that up to them being weird.

In the case of the DS9 pregnancy switch, like I mentioned above, was a cover-up of an actors pregnancy. Nana Visitor was pregnant with Siddig El Fadil's child (named Django El Tahir El Siddig). They got married a year later, but divorced in 2001.

On a side note, I never liked Siddig's decision to change his credited name to "Alexander Siddig" after the third season of DS9.