April 22, 2008

Nine in the Afternoon

So, I listen to lots of different kinds of music, and one thing's always struck me as interesting: it's often easier to move forward with a band - for me at least - than it is to move backwards. For some people it's the other way around: a band evolves their style or experiments with something new and suddenly they can't stand what used to be their favorite band.

This comes up because of one of the bigger shifts I've seen in style: Panic at the Disco's Pretty. Odd. Previously I would have classified them as one of my guilty pleasure bands (like Fall Out Boy, which is a different story) - you know, among the things you do/listen to/watch that you'd rather people not know about - but at least with regards to Pretty. Odd., their sound has matured. In fact, if you listen close enough (or, not that closely as the case may be) you may hear the direct Beatles influence their music seems to have picked up. See the video below for an example of what I'm talking about, in both audio and visual media.


Brian Sullivan said...

I totally sympathize with the guilt over Fall Out Boy. One of my other guilty pleasure bands would have to My Chemical Romance. Just so over-the-top that I love the extravagance. "The Black Parade" is near-perfect fuel for my penchant for prog rock.

Sam said...

I'll have to go into some depth about what I think about Fall Out Boy at some point, because it's more than just catchy tunes in just the right. I have to laugh at what they're saying sometimes. I think "The Hook" (Blues Traveler) actually kind of explains the whole thing.