April 18, 2008


I'm talking about TV, and not the kind of continuity that involves what tie someone had on in the last shot or whether that can of coke was open or not. I mean the kind that says: you got hurt last week and unless enough time has passed between weeks, you should still be hurting. When it comes to TV, I want continuity from my dramas and usually don't care about the comedies. The Simpsons has even joked about their lack of continuity before.

When it comes to Star Trek series, the only ones that seem to have any sort of real continuity - that is, not just for the big stuff, like Thomas Riker on TNG or the various Borg experiences throughout the modern series - are Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. But I'm not going to talk about Enterprise, as I didn't watch it all the way through.

Watching through Deep Space Nine again, I'm noticing bits and pieces of small continuity: Quark mentioning a rematch between O'Brien and Bashir because they never finished the first one seen several episodes before; In one episode, Sisko talks to O'Brien about teaching Jake - and in the one I'm watching now, he's actually instructing him about isolinear rods and learning that Jake doesn't want to join Starfleet.

To be honest though, even DS9 is light on the continuity - at least until you get to the Dominion War. For a more full continuity trip, you have to go to series like Babylon 5, Farscape, or most anime series (where continuity is more the rule than the exception).