April 8, 2008

Bowling for Vampires

Ok, not really, but definitely bowling for little white and red pins. That's right, I went bowling last night. I had been debating whether or not to go, but after the afternoon's little debacle, I figured killing a few little scared pins would be a good idea. I wasn't entirely wrong either, despite my lack of skill at the game.

So I had some fun, took my camera a grabbed some pretty decent shots of people bowling the night away. I use a little Canon Digital Elph (tiny little thing), so it's like I'm using an SLR. I found that aside from a high speed ISO setting, the best way to handle getting someone in action is to make sure that the focus is set before they get in motion. On most auto-focus cameras this is accomplished by lightly pressing the button until you get some indication of focus, in my case, some squares on the LCD indicating where it's locked down the focus.