April 20, 2008

At Least It Could Be Labeled Beta

Been a while since I've posted this late, but I was busy handling the Henne Mines in FFXII (Jelly ambush = killer).

So, just a few days ago, Ballmer called Vista a "work in progress". I realize what he really means: Microsoft needed to get something out the door regarding a new operating system, so they got what they could working and released with an intent to add more and fix what didn't work. Of course, the general public (and myself had this been shortly after Vista was released) will construe this as "very expensive beta" software.

Short of some slowdowns on my desktop machine, I have two boxes running Vista (a desktop and a laptop) and except for some slowdowns on the desktop - due to hardware issues compounding Vista's hefty memory load - I have to say there's nothing really wrong with it. It's just not that much of an upgrade, from the standpoint of a user, over XP. The fact that "Windows 7" is supposed to be out in 2010 just compounds the lack of user-visible upgrades.